Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Happy Thanksgiving 2007

We had a very nice Thanksgiving. Angie was getting over pneumonia so we tried to take it easy. As tradition has it, Dad & Linda came up. It was so great to see them! We spent half of the day on Wednesday shopping for all of our groceries, and the other half of the day watching Dad prep the food. Dad really is an AMAZING chef! And what would the Ryan, Johnson, Schroeder Thanksgiving be without the "World Famous" BBQ Turkey?!! Bill, once again, you out did yourself. This years' turkey was so good!

This is Larry the Lobster. We went to a great Japanese grocery store and picked him out. He was almost 3 pounds!! WOW!

I just love this picture of Allie and Larry! Larry the Lobster was getting ready to go into the pot and Allie had the hardest time watching it! Too cute!

Eventually, Larry the Lobster became an amazing ingredient in our stuffing. My Dad is a genius to think about putting lobster into a stuffing. YUMMY!

Stacy came over and gave Dad a haircut. This was the first haircut that Stacy has ever given to our Dad, so that was kinda cool. Dad loved his haircut and it was obvious that he was really proud of Stacy.

On Friday, we all decided to go bowling at Sunset Lanes. It was a nice afternoon. Tyler almost beat EVERYONE!! 2nd place isn't bad Ty. Uncle Billy had a streak of good luck at the very end. This picture of Allie and Stacy was great because they were always up together to throw the ball.

What a fun day!!

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