Friday, December 01, 2006


Thanksgiving weekend was a total blast. Stacy & I picked Paul, Dad & Linda up at the airport on Wednesday. We went straight from the airport to the grocery store where we shopped, shopped and shopped!

We went home to start preparing for Thursday's dinner. Dad & Paul had designed the most incredible menu. After the prep was all finished, we went to McMeniman's to have dinner with all the kids. It was really nice to have everyone together!

This is our 5th year BBQing a turkey and it was the best that we have ever done! The turkey was in a brine for 3 days before we put it on the grill. We also had a Black Hog Ham from Japan.

I would like to introduce you to a new word that we all learned over the Thanksgiving weekend. "Jerraboom". This is a 5 liter of wine..Pinot Noir to be exact. It look EVERYBODY to finish this bottle on Thanksgiving Day. I think we have just found a new tradition.

We had a fantastic day wine tasting with the family! We rented a Excursion limo and headed out to 4 wineries. We started at Duck Pond in Dundee. We then went to Torri Mor and then to Lange. We ended at Anne Aimee for a late picnic lunch. Paul really enjoyed the wine tasting and we can't wait to do some wine tasting in Napa Valley with him at Christmas.

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